Friday, June 10, 2011


CRUSH ko!!!

*may nahiling na kamo kani sa naga?sain daw igwa?

Saturday, June 4, 2011


There are some days when I think I’m going to die from an overdose of satisfaction.

thanks :D

-Salvador Dali

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I love them and I wanted to be with them but it is as if they don't want my presence. I'm trying my best to reach out but they don't let me to do so. I feel like I'm a ghost when I'm with them,they never appreciate my existence.


Drawing mode.bawal ang istorbo!!
Ganito sya kapag iniiwan mag isa sa bahay
the moves!!
Kapag kumakanta sya.haha.have you ever heard him sing?
Kapag pumapasok sa school c ate mai
David vs. Marson
nagpapacute sa girls
pang pa'impress ni david sa clubm8
moves ni david sa clumb8
Kapag sinusumpong ng kabaliwan
Kapag nakiss ni ate mai
kapag sumasayaw
Kapag may crush
Kapag nag seselos
kapag gustong gusto nya ang toy nya
kapag nagiging chucky sya

Monday, May 30, 2011

Who would have thought

Who would have thought that I do love cars?YES I do.Ever since was a kid I already have this passion about cars. I can remember the times when early in the morning I would go inside our car and dream that I am the one who's driving it.hahaha(funny). When I was in my elementary days I would passionately asks my father to teach me how to drive. He would always say that "Ang bata mo pa. Saka na kapag malaki kana" and I would usually say "Yehey!turuan mo ako huh!(jumping)". An unfortunate event happened. My father was paralyzed and loosed his eagerness to drive so we decided to sell our car :( so he wasn't able to teach me. I'd became an aficionado of vintage cars. I admire and envy Ralph Lauren for he has the best collection of vintage cars. I want those too!!!

Here are some pictures of his collection :

 Bugatti 57 S (C) Atlantic 1938 vintage sport

Mercedez-Benz 300SL ‘Papillon’, 1955, vintage sport

Jaguar XK120 Roadster 1950 vintage sport car


by the way this will be my future car. ---->mazda shinari :D


*I'm not really serious with this cause I wasn't able to check its specs. Let's see :) I'm just mesmerized by its appearance.
*credits to: 

I miss ******

Its been 3 months since I impede buying clothes or stuff for myself :( SAD!! This came about because I can't find time to do so. I became busy doing the requirements for my subjects and also with my Senior Project. Change of plans and some inevitable circumstances were also the reason. I've started to dissipate my money in a different way. I not saying that I begin to regret the way I used it cause I'm not. Every single peso dissipated brings pleasure, it just so happened that I begin to crave for those things that I used and loved to do. I'd rather be deprived of buying stuffs than be deprived of being w/ you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

our BIGG'S day :D

After a tiring lecture day w/ joel (thanks!) my sister and I decided to go to SM to buy some goods. Again we have spent 800 plus :| Expensive isn't it?Yes I knew it is. My sister would always want to buy chips specially the ever expensive "MUNCHIES". Because of spending a lot of money for our grocery we had a hard time deciding to where are we going to take our lunch. She would humorously say that she would only spend Php45 for her lunch (where could you find a meal that would only cost you Php45 at SM?). After a minute of arguing about the place we decided and end up at Bigg's.

At Bigg's
Ilai: Ate,anong oorderon mo?
Ilai:(laughing) cge,gabos huh!
Me: ano saimo?
Ilai: mahagad nlng ko saimo,gabos garo oorderon mo(laughing) 3:)

After those playful questions and answers we end up ordering Crispy Cajun and Kookie Monster Cake. I was so hungry that I was not aware that my sister was constantly taking a picture of me while eating (urghh!)

My sister would constantly say "mayo man lang nag pipicture sako" hahahaha. So I took some pictures of her just to please her :) 

As expected the pictures I have taken was outstanding than the pictures she took. As they (my cousin and my sister) would say I'm their official photographer :D Bad for my part cause I don't have my official photographer :(

It was a very tiring yet a pleasurable day :)

wait!!we've caught Bby'david bullying dD'bear.hahaha